10 Book Challenge

Welcome to our 10 Book Challenge! 

After an exciting assembly this week in school, we are aiming to spread the buzz of reading books by encouraging all the children at CKJS to challenge themselves to read a range of books over the next term. We have selected a variety of books for each year group and gathered them into a number of groups by author or genre. The challenge is for the children to read a book from as many of those different groups as possible.

We are then asking them to share what they have read, rating the books and recommending them for others to read. To do this, we have set up 4 password protected Padlets pages, one for each year group. The links to these pages are listed below and the children have been told the password in school. So we look forward to hearing all about the books your children have read over half-term and into the rest of the summer!


Year 3 


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6