Home School Agreement

This is our current Home School Agreement (click here to download a copy):



The school will:

  • enable children to reach their full potential by providing a broad-based, balanced curriculum;
  • strive to meet the individual needs of each pupil;
  • encourage children to believe in themselves and recognise their strengths;
  • develop and nurture a school community spirit in which children are encouraged to care for others and their surroundings;
  • inform parents of their child’s progress, general school matters, including curriculum;
  • care for pupils’ safety and wellbeing;
  • be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school;
  • ensure there is always the highest quality of teaching staff.

The Pupil will try to:

  • work and behave to the best of my ability at all times;
  • look after the whole environment of the school and my community;
  • be friendly and helpful to everyone at school ensuring that I am caring and considerate;
  • keep the school’s rules.
  • The Family will:
  • respect and support the overall aims and ethos of the school;
  • ensure their children arrive at school on time and explain any absences in writing;
  • endeavour to attend all parents’ evenings and make alternative arrangements where this is not possible;
  • advise the school of any concerns about their child;
  • endeavour to ensure their children attend fit, well and refreshed for school;
  • endeavour to support their child’s learning, including homework;
  • support the school in all aspects of maintaining good behaviour and discipline.

Together we will:

  • work to make the school a happy and fulfilling place;
  • support the aims and values of Home/School Agreement