E- Safety and Child Protection

 Please clickon the link to see the letter issued to parents/carers following a visit from the NSPCC today 17th June 2016. 

In March 2014 we sent home a leaflet to parents giving guidance on using the internet safely and information about some of the apps which are currently popular (although none are recommended for use by children of primary school age!)


Please click here to download a copy of the leaflet.

Please click here to download a copy of the leaflet - A Parents' Guide to Instagram

Please click here to download the guide to PEGI ratings for games.


We also have links to websites offering guidance on e-safety on our links page.

These are our school rules for using the internet:


Think before you Click

laughingI will only use my own username to log in to the computers at school.

    I will only use the internet when an adult is with me and I have permission.

surprisedI will immediately tell an adult if I see something I think I shouldn’t when using the computers.

    I will only use search engines, websites and apps which I have been given permission to use.

sealedI will not share any information about myself or others on the internet and will not talk or write to other people online without permission.

   I will use the tablets responsibly and not use the camera or video without permission.

   I know that the internet contains information which can be written by anyone and understand that what I read may not be true.

   I will be careful what I click on to make sure I don’t see or download something by mistake.

   I will respect others’ work and will not change or delete their files.

   I will only bring a mobile phone to school if I have been given permission to do so, and I agree not to use it on the school grounds.